This list is currently in Numerical order by Patlin Part Numbers. An Alphabetical list will be coming soon. All products listed below are products that Patlin Inc. offers.

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Part NumberProduct Name
M08005De-Greaser Natural 5Gal Challenger
M08010Patlin Foaming Glass Cleaner
M08010Patlin Foaming Glass Cleaner (Spanish)
M08010NGlass Cleaner
M08030Contact Cleaner Fast Dry
M08060De-Greaser Heavy Duty Aerosol
M08080Ultimate Citrus Cleaner 32oz
M08081Ultimate Citrus Cleaner 1Gal
M08082Ultimate Citrus Cleaner 5Gal
M08083Ultimate Citrus Cleaner 55Gal
M08090Patlin Brake Clean Chlorinated
M08090Patlin Brake Clean Chlorinated (Spanish)
M08090PBrake Clean Chlorinated
M08091Patlin Brake Clean Non-Chlorinated
M08091Patlin Brake Clean Non-Chlorinated (Spanish)
M08091PBrake Clean Non-Chlorinated
M08110Starting Fluid
M08115De-Icer Spray
M08120Battery Cleaner
M08130Diesel Cooling System Flush
M08140Battery Terminal Protector
M08160Canned Air
M08200Anti-Freeze Air Brake 32oz
M08201Anti-Freeze Air Brake 1Gal
M08211Diesel Fuel Treatment 12oz
M09001Adhesive Spray
M09010Instant Adhesive #1 10ml
M09011Instant Adhesive #1 30ml
M09020Instant Adhesive #2 10ml
M09021Instant Adhesive #2 30ml
M09030Instant Adhesive #3 10ml
M09031Instant Adhesive #3 30ml
M09040Instant Adhesive #4 10ml
M09041Instant Adhesive #4 30ml
M09050Instant Adhesive #5 10ml
M09051Instant Adhesive #5 30ml
M09065Instant Adhesive Remover 11oz
M09070Weatherstrip Adhesive Yellow
M09080Threadlocker Blue 10ml
M09081Threadlocker Blue 50ml
M09090Threadlocker Red 10ml
M09091Threadlocker Red 50ml
M09094Threadlocker Red 250ml
M09100Threadlocker Green 10ml
M09101Threadlocker Green 50ml
M09105Bearing Locker Green High 10ml
M09106Bearing Locker Green High 50ml
M09110Bearing Locker Green Low 50ml
M09115Hydraulic/Pneumatic Seal 10ml
M09116Hydraulic/Pneumatic Seal 50ml