This list is currently in Numerical order by Patlin Part Numbers. An Alphabetical list will be coming soon. All products listed below are products that Patlin Inc. offers.

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Part NumberProduct Name
M09117Hydraulic/Pneumatic Seal 250ml
M09140Threadlocker Red Hi-Temp 50ml
M09141Threadlocker Red Hi-Temp 250ml
M10001Ant and Roach Spray
M10010Wasp and Hornet Spray
M11000Paint Hi-Solid Aluminum
M11002Paint Hi-Solid Gloss Black
M11003Paint Hi-Solid Flat Black
M11007Paint Hi-Solid Gray Primer
M11009Paint Hi-Solid Light Gray
M11014Paint Hi-Solid Red Oxide Primer
M11016Paint Hi-Solid Gloss White
M11017Paint Hi-Solid Flat White
M11019Paint Hi-Solid Satin Black
M11020Paint Hi-Solid Gloss Brown
M11050Paint Hi-Solid Safety Blue
M11051Paint Hi-Solid Safety Green
M11052Paint Hi-Solid Safety Orange
M11053Paint Hi-Solid Safety Red
M11054Paint Hi-Solid Safety Yellow
M11100Paint Hi-Solid Old Cat Yellow
M11101Paint Hi-Solid Cat Yellow
M11102Paint Hi-Solid School Bus Yellow
M11103Paint Hi-Solid John Deere Yellow
M11104Paint Hi-Solid Red IHC
M11106Paint Hi-Solid John Deere Gloss Green
M11275Drain Opener 1qt
M11277Drain Opener 1qt Bactizyme
M11300Paint Aerosol Gloss White
M11301Paint Aerosol Flat White
M11302Paint Aerosol Gloss Black
M11303Paint Aerosol Flat Black
M11304Paint Aerosol Satin Black
M11305Paint Aerosol Safety Red
M11309Paint Aerosol Green
M11312Paint Aerosol Safety Orange
M11313Paint Aerosol Safety Yellow
M11315Paint Aerosol Blue
M11318Paint Aerosol Brown
M11400Paint Aerosol Gray Primer
M11403Paint Anti-Rust Gloss Clear
M11599Paint INV TIP Flour Red Stripe
M11606Paint INV TIP Safety Green Stripe
M11635Ultimate Seal Coat Aerosol
M11651Paint INV TIP Traffic Yellow Stripe
M12001Silicone Clear 3oz Tube
M12002Silicone Clear 8oz Can
M12010Silicone Black 3oz
M12011Silicone Black 8oz Can
M12020Silicone Red 3oz Tube