This list is currently in Numerical order by Patlin Part Numbers. An Alphabetical list will be coming soon. All products listed below are products that Patlin Inc. offers.

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Part NumberProduct Name
M12021Silicone Red 8oz Can
M12030Silicone Blue 3oz Tube
M12031Silicone Blue 8oz Can
M12150Anaerobic Sealant .50ml
M12153Anaerobic Sealant 250ml
M12155Teflon Pipe Dope 4oz
M12156Teflon Pipe Dope 8oz
M12157Teflon Pipe Dope 16oz
M14010Food Grade Belt Dressing CRC
M14020Chain And Wire Rope CRC
M14030Contact Cleaner CRC HF
M14040Contact Cleaner CRC QD
M14060Screw Loose CRC
M14070Food Grade Silicone CRC
M14080Ultra Lite Lubricant 3-36 CRC
M14090Welders Anti-Spatter CRC
M14100Food Grade Penetrant CRC
M14110Grease Di-Electric CRC
M14120Natural Degreaser CRC
M14130Food Grade Chain Lube CRC
M14140Food Grade Machine Oil CRC
M14150Grease White Food Grade CRC
M14160Dry Moly Lube CRC
M15000Knock'er Loose Penetrant CRC
M12253Flange Seal 515 50ml
M50005Electrical Parts Cleaner CRC
M90002Ultimate Rust Protector
M90100Torque Seal Orange
M99019Lubricant Friction Moly 1lb
M99028CLR Cleaner 1Gal
M99039CLR Cleaner 55Gal
M99029Simple Green 1Gal
M99040De-Greaser Engine